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100% Pure Honey Directly From Turkey's Black Sea Region

We aim to provide you with 100% pure best quality honey. We strictly adhere to quality standards and guarantee our honey is free from any kind of contamination, So you can be assured that you are purchasing the best Deli bal or mad honey on the market.
Turkey is known for its high-quality products worldwide from its cars to its textiles. But many a traveler will hit the shores of Turkey in search of an elusive high that has been talked about for many centuries. These people are in search of honey. Honey for a high? Yes, you read correctly. There is a special type of honey known as Deli bal to the locals or more commonly mad honey is a special type of honey that gives you a high. These can range from a brief light-headed feeling to a full psychedelic experience. In the 1700’s they commenced trading the product with Europe where they used it to give drinkers a greater high than alcohol could deliver. But now this delight is a little harder to find.
Mad honey is produced when bee pollinates rhododendron flowers which grow in the remote mountainside towns of the Black Sea region. This habitat is the perfect growing ground for the cream and magenta blossoms. When the bee makes the honey in these fields there are no other nectars getting mixed in which guarantees the most potent and pure deli bal. There are only a very few locations around the world where this crop can grow but the crops in Turkey are the purest and do not grow around other plants.

The villagers in the Black Sea region have used Deli Bal medicinally for over millennia. They have used it to treat a number of conditions, including anxiety, stress, general pain, hypertension, stomach ailments, and migraines, it has also been used to improve sexual performance.

Other than the medical benefits consumers can enjoy a buzz or high from the product. Depending on the amount consumed it can start at a slight tingling and range up to feeling very drunk. A small amount of honey will give you a euphoric high. It is recommended to not consume more than one teaspoon.

Doctor Suleyman Turedi who studies the effects of deli bal “People believe that this honey is a kind of medicine,” Turedi says. “They use it to treat hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and some different stomach diseases. And also, some people use deli bal to improve their sexual performance.” There are antibodies and antibacterial properties in the product that make it useful for treating viral infections.

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