For over a millenia the local villager living in the black sea region have used Deli Bal or mad honey to treat a number of ailments. This has also had a number of other uses over time including helping to get a high. Local tavern owners used to mix with their ale to give the customers more of a high. It has even been used in war. When the Romans were attacking the locals left out pots of mad honey and the soldiers at them and became so disoreientated they were unable to fight and were defeated. Mad honey is consumed for treating diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach ailments and most commonly taken as a love drug. The honey has been used in combination with other treatments to assist other ailments such as sunburn and bruising.
The beekeepers prepare their bees specifically to pollinate the blossoms of rhododendron flowers in order to make special honey. This area near the black sea is the largest uncontaminated area of these crops. Our beekeepers are the backbone of our shop. We make sure that we protect the local beekeeper with the traditional skills show have been working hard to protect their traditional ancient deli bal honey. We work closely with our beekeepers in order to keep the honey pollution free and pure. All the beekeepers we work with follow the traditional beekeeping methods. Our beekeepers are trained to adhere to our strict quality standards. This means we provide you raw honey directly from the hives. Our main aim is to provide our consumers with the best possible quality product. We guarantee you 100% contamination-free honey.